It's Comin' Home (July)

You better believe that every 2 or 3 years when a major international tournament comes around that I, like every other English citizen, will firmly believe that this year it’s comin’ home!!

It has been a rather interesting tournament, as expected with a lot of controversy! Penalties being given that were a bit soft… Handballs given that were extremely harsh and France being knocked out by Switzerland has got to be my favourite moment so far. Anyway you didn’t come here to read about England’s chances of winning the Euro’s as you can read that everywhere at the moment. What you want to know is, what wine are you going to drink whilst you’re watching The Three Lions (hopefully) crush the life out of The Azzurri. That is the million-dollar question that I am going to tackle this afternoon. As most of you are aware we are mainly a French and Spanish Wine importer with a smattering of others on offer so I have gone for 1 Italian (obviously) 2 French and 1 American… Let the battle commence:

Tommasi Le Fornaci Lugana 2017

What better wine to drink than an Italian Lugana whilst watching Harry Kane smash a 25-yard strike top bins on the 10-minute mark! A lovely refreshing wine with intense flavours of stone fruits, honey and flowers. Almonds and vanilla particularly come to the forefront on the palate and the finish is nice and easy. Well-structured and good balance for a wine that is only £14.99. This is your opening wine of the night; it is inoffensive, lovely and light. Moving on:

Jean-Jacques Girard Savigny Les Beaune Blanc 2017

Now this is Sterling picking up the ball about 40 yards out, running straight at Jorginho and going past him, pass it out to Shaw on the wing. Shaw takes a touch and sprints past Di Lorenzo and whips it in first time. Sterling has continued his run and meets it at the back post with a sumptuous volley. The crowd goes mental and it’s 2-0. An elegant wine with flowers and citrus mainly on the nose, moving through the gears we approach stone fruits on the palate with gorgeous vanilla coming through from the oak barrel ageing. Smooth and exceptionally easy to drink you will not be disappointed. A gorgeous long finish so you can savour the wine and the goal at the same time 😉. Time for the reds and the second half:

La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir 2017

The score is 2-1 (Insigne scored 50th minute). Kane controls the ball down from a goal kick and as he turns, Chiellini brings him down 25 yards out. Free kick England. Shaw and Saka are over the ball as it would seem that we will drift the ball in for Maguire, Kane or Stones. Just as the ref blows Saka runs up, curls it over the wall and into the bottom left corner. No one can believe he went for it but it’s in and no one cares, 3-1. Cherries all over this gorgeous wine, on the nose and then on the palate. Rhubarb, cranberry and raspberry notes along with a small hint of leather just giving the wine that extra depth. This has been expertly crafted by our friends across the pond and it will be a gorgeous wine to settle the nerves as England try to see out the game. Finally:

Jean-Jacques Girard Volnay Vieilles Vignes 2017

It’s 3-2 (Locatelli 72nd minute). Gareth makes the change we’ve all been waiting for, Grealish is on for Saka 75th minute. After 10 minutes of getting into the game he is starting to show his talent. Maguire finds him on the wing and puts a sublime pass through for him to run onto, as he comes up to the edge of the box Kane is in support. A quick give and go between the two, Grealish is through and curls the ball round Donnarumma into the bottom right corner. 86th minute and the crowd know that finally it is coming home. 4-2 FT. Silky and elegant this wine, much like the standout performance from our boys. Classic Burgundy Pinot Noir notes come through on the nose and palate. Red fruits with leather and vanilla from the oak ageing. Gorgeous structure, well-balanced and the acidity has evolved perfectly with the tannins to date. A cracking bottle to end a cracking evening as we lift the trophy.

Have a good time on Sunday evening all, even if we lose our boys deserve a standing ovation for how well they have done to get to the final. I trust you enjoyed the wine for thought 😊

Harry Vernau

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