Welcome to The Red Bottle Company

I fell in love with wine as a young man and travelled the world with each new bottle that I bought.  Since then I have been lucky enough to have spent many years travelling the worlds' wine areas, California, South Africa, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, not to mention the old world masters, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. I have also been fortunate to have been invited to many trade tastings. 
My Son Harry has joined me in setting up The Red Bottle Company, together we welcome you to our very own wine company and hope that we can help you discover and enjoy the world of wine as much as we do. 
From the quality suppliers we have at our disposal we have a huge range of wines to offer, but at The Red Bottle Company you will find that number whittled down to just a few wines that we think particularly represent the style that they are supposed to and are our pick of what is around that represents a good wine at a fair price. We are also importing a few wines from a some wonderful vineyards and wineries that we have known for a long time and admire. So sit back, order some wine, and enjoy.
Join us and discover our world.

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