Spring Ideas (March)

So… you wake up one morning, slightly earlier than expected due to the increased light in your room, you start to hear birds singing and it’s just one or two degrees warmer than normal. You sit up and think, what could this be? Then you remember, it’s March which means that SPRING IS HERE!!

Now I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting ages for the sun to show us some love. No matter how much people tell you that they love Winter and Christmas etc (which I do more than most) there is nothing like waking up to the sunshine and being able to wear less clothing (steady on!).

Anyway, what we’re really here to think about is food and wine - more specifically which wines to choose when cooking amazing spring dishes. So, we’re going to go through four dishes and pair them with some great wines with them in order to kick start this lovely season.

Now before I say anything about what would go particularly well with these dishes it’s best to remember that your taste buds are your best friend, so if you don’t like my choice then please do go with your own. Wine is all about personal preference!

  1. Asparagus with Duck Egg & Parma Ham

I would love to see a glass of Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2018 sat right next to my plate when tucking into this. As I have said on our website this is a wine that is marked by richness, elegance and smoothness. It really is worth the £23.99 a bottle - lovely minerality with a citrus burst at the beginning and a medium length finish which always leaves you wanting more!


  1. Rack of Lamb (obviously)

This is the spring main course (anything to do with lamb is really) and it is my favourite hence why it makes an appearance on here. Jean-Jacques Girard Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2017 @ £15.99 a bottle is what I would suggest with this, a beautiful red colour with strawberry notes at the front with complexity and a good structure means that this wine will perfectly stand up to any lamb dish going.

  1. Grilled Bream

I thought I should put a fish dish in just in case I wasn’t pleasing everyone with the choices given so far. Generally, fish is not something I eat a lot which is odd because every time I do, I love it! So, with a word of caution in my voice I am going to suggest that you drink a Marcelo Albarino 2015 @ £12.99 a bottle. This is extremely fruity and has a cracking structure with a robust, full flavoured body, meaning that whilst it will not overpower the fish it will shine on its own rather than merely pairing with it.

  1. Rhubarb Fool

Finally, for a spring dessert I’d go for anything to do with Rhubarb. My apologies if it is not your favourite fruit but the wine that I will pair with this will go with almost anything sweet - somehow it manages to be great with everything and anything! Please step forward Domaine de Coyeux Muscat Beaumes-de-Venise Cuvee Alegrio 2014 @ £22.99 a bottle. This particular wine is a family favourite, my mother bless her has been known to drink a few glasses of this by herself for her dessert (that’s right, she drank it without eating anything for dessert!!). It starts with a sweet, almost marmalade flavour and then moves into apricots and pears. It has a lovely structure and will stay with you all the way until you take another sip, there’s no getting rid of it.

I hope you enjoyed all the salivating photos (I certainly did) and as always

Wine for thought…

Harry Vernau

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  • David Whittaker

    Can’t wait for my free samples young man … have the oven ready for the food it’s just the wine required and soon please?

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