Spring has Sprung (March)

I know it doesn’t feel like it, but I promise it is coming. I know it is still cold and we’re wearing coats outdoors - some are even still wearing gloves! It is coming I promise, the kiss of that lovely sun will bless our faces once again and when it does we’ll have a great glass of wine with it at the same time.

Out of the four seasons Spring is my 3rd favourite. I hear you ask, ‘Why only third, Harry?’, well to be honest I love Summer (favourite) and Winter (2nd favourite) for completely contrasting reasons and Autumn for me is just dull… quite literally it is when all the leaves are falling everywhere and there aren’t any great national or religious holidays in Autumn as there are in the other three Seasons, so perhaps you can see my point. The reasons I enjoy Spring however are mainly down to the fact that it is going to get warmer (it will, trust me); we can eat gorgeous Lamb dishes with fantastic wine, and it is the season that holds my Birthday (don’t worry it is next month you haven’t missed it!). 

So, my three wines for Spring are going to be rather different and exciting - my wines are always exciting, but you get the idea. We’re going to also go a bit different and showcase a white and two reds as I believe these wines can suit all manner of Spring inspired dishes. So to start we have:

Errazuriz Aconcagua Costa Sauvignon Blanc 2017


When it comes to Chilean Sauvignon Blanc’s I honestly cannot think of a better wine to pair with my Spring fish dishes. Fantastic with any fish, its versatility is unbeatable. Bursting with citrus fruits, tropical notes and freshly cut grass this wine is not for the faint-hearted. It is elegant yet bold, charming yet mischievous and perfect for this great season full of fresh produce. On the mouth, all of those previous notes on the nose come forward with a helping hand of minerality and a full body. A medium finish means that this wine can also be served as a vivacious aperitif if you feel like impressing your friends. You may worry that this could overpower some fish dishes but I assure you it will merely add complexity to your dish. As if that hasn’t got you salivating next up is:

Zuccardi Valles Bonarda 2018

Just hopping across the border because what Spring lunch wouldn’t be complete with a Bonarda from Mendoza, Argentina. A new wine for us as we have only recently started to stock it and I must say I am extremely happy with it. Not too pricey at £13.99 a bottle and what a great wine for the price. You may think that this would be a bit too heavy for a Spring dish however, pair this with duck or lamb (obviously) and you will not be disappointed. Notes of dark cherries, blackberry leaf and leather come through on the nose. On the palate similar vibes come through with a great body and complexity. This is a generally all-round great wine and I just wanted to showcase it to you because I am so happy with it. Our last wine of the month is slightly more expensive but it is definitely worth it:

Jean-Jacques Girard Pernand-Vergelesses Les Vergelesses 1er Cru 2017

Well that was a bit of a mouthful wasn’t it. Now this is your rack of lamb, loin of lamb, lamb chops and lamb cutlets wine. This wine is smooth and beautiful, a true classic and having 4 years of age already it is great and will only get better. Red fruits, strawberries, cherries, raspberries - the list is endless! A fantastic aroma of forest floor has started to develop as well giving it some lovely tertiary characters. I cannot fault this wine, on the mouth the bold flavours previously mentioned are a true delight to behold. A gorgeous complexity with fantastic tannins that are still developing through and adding a lovely depth to the wine. I would almost suggest having the first sip or two without any food so you can just marvel at its beauty.

I hope you enjoy your first month of Spring, as I said I know it doesn’t feel like it yet but by halfway through it should be getting a little warmer! I hope you have enjoyed this month’s wine for thought 😊

Harry Vernau

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