Post-Christmas Bargains (January)

Post-Christmas Bargains (January)

It’s that time of year again, “New Year New Me” or “Dry January” it’s just awful…

We as human beings have decided over the previous decade that we’re all going to treat our bodies better, I kid you not there has been quite a rise in people going to the gym, in people eating healthier and more balanced diets hence “Veganuary” (I still can’t get over that name!).

It is testament to ourselves that after years of the general population eating and drinking whatever we want that we are now trying to change, I am sure like me that many people are aware, everyone hates change. Just because we want to change and be different doesn’t mean that we enjoy doing it.

I must admit that I myself have become sucked in to this preconceived idea of a wonderful life. I, like many, have also joined a gym, I have also started to delve into the idea that maybe I should eat less meat and that having a vegetarian meal once or twice a week might be a good idea. Remember everyone hates change, so it is all about baby steps. Now just hold on to that thought whilst you continue to read.

I felt that there was no better way to start our “New Year New Me” Blog ;) with a notion that January doesn’t have to be the month that everything changes.

Over the course of 2019 Red Bottle actually gained a nice bit of traction, we sold more wine this year than we have in any previous years and we have managed to find some new and interesting wine growers who I believe share the same core values that we do.

As part of Red Bottle’s “New Year New Me” pledge, we will be writing at least one blog post a month (I know it’s ridiculous that we couldn’t do this before but just trust me on this) and I promise that I will try to make them more interesting than the news of the world so you’ll feel like you have to read them. This could be your new thing that you do for 2020…

You will see a selection of 3 wines below that we believe can make your January just that little bit better, you don’t have to drink it immediately and you can save it just for weekends so you feel like you are doing a little bit better at the beginning of the year, remember baby steps.

Van Zylshof - Chenin Blanc 2014 @ £8.99 per Bottle

Domaine La Fourmone Le Burlet Rose @ £9.99 per Bottle 

Juan Gil - 4 Meses Monastrell @ £9.99

(You will find these in our Cellar!)

Harry Vernau

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