BBQ Recommendations (July)

We are British and no matter what the forecast says we will get that BBQ out. That is the sentence that entered my head when I wondered whether I should bother writing a blog about wine recommendations for a BBQ given the weather. We are a proud nation who will go out in the rain with nothing more than a flimsy shirt, shorts and flip flops as protection, just so we can taste the charred sausage that we will inevitably leave on the BBQ for too long. The simple suggestion that the man do anything more than cook the meat on the BBQ is ridiculed within seconds. Man + Fire = Importance, or at least it does in our heads.

So I figured that I would use this blog to talk to the lovely wives and girlfriends of all the meatheads out there, in order to suggest 3 companions that can help ease this untimely sacrifice that you all have to make as you slave away preparing the table and all of the extras that go with a BBQ. Now I am not sexist at all, far from it, but generally speaking most men tend to drink beer at a BBQ and the women would like something slightly more upmarket such as gin or wine. In this month’s edition I shall introduce you to one white, one rosé and one red. They all hail from lovely places and will almost certainly help you forget that you couldn’t fit into your favourite summer dress even though you were sure that you weighed the same as last year…

So first up we have:

Zuccardi Valles Torrontes 2019

We are commencing with the perfect crowd pleaser - light, fragrant and crisp. It is completely inoffensive and is great to drink by itself or with lighter foods. It has a gorgeous citrus beginning which basically carries all the way through and is enhanced by exotic fruits such as lychee and guava. The finish is immaculate for a wine that is not expensive at all. As I say this wine is just an all-round great addition to any BBQ, anyone will find this a pleasure to drink and can be drunk by itself or with nibbles / light starters. I hope you enjoy! Next up:

Domaine La Fourmone Le Burlet Rosé

You have heard me mention in previous blogs that I think I am cheating on my one true love with a new rosé that we sell which is the Villa Safranier Lulle. Well I’d like you to meet my one true love. I first tried this wine when I was 16 years old (I am now 25) - we have spent 9 long, happy years together and I could not have wished for a better partner. She is there for me whenever I need to relax and has always helped me to calm down and to enjoy whatever situation I find myself in. She starts with an elegant aroma of red fruits and floral notes, then on the palate those fresh fruits explode onto the scene with a good balance and complexity and has a lovely aromatic finish. It’s a good wine for again drinking by itself or having with lighter dishes. Treat her well and she will do the same to you. Finally we have:

Casalobos 2008

This is for when the food hits the table, all the kebabs, the sausages, the burgers, maybe some marinated chicken? Ooh yeah… Anyway this is a stonker, full bodied, powerful and ready to party. On the nose an intense cherry flavour fills the glass with hints of leather and spice. A very strong wine which will stand up to any BBQ’d meat that you put it next to, it has a lovely complexity about it with a luscious finish which will remain in your mouth for years! Slight exaggeration but you get the point.

I must say that I really hope you all get to have and have already had some great BBQ’s. I may have been making some fun of our nation at the beginning of this blog but we really are one of the best cultures for coming together for a BBQ. I wouldn’t say that we invented it but we are pretty close!

I also just wanted to give an insight into August’s Blog… we are hopefully about to go to France in order to visit our clients. Therefore I am planning on writing a rather large Vintage Report for the blog with lots of photos so that you, our customer, can get a good idea of what we do and understand our relationship with each of our suppliers, now that is some wine for thought…

Harry Vernau

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