So what do you do to celebrate turning 60?

Well, to celebrate my 60th becoming ever closer on the horizon, I decided to also celebrate my joy in all things wine and to enjoy a series of tastings to be carried out in the two years either side of my 60th Birthday (April 29th 2023).

Since Christmas I have made a plan which hopefully will give both Harry, myself, Kim and a few friends the opportunity to try some truly wonderful and exciting wines. Not all wines are expensive, not all wines will be great, but we hope to learn a lot more about some wonderful areas which we may not be overly familiar with, to taste some wonderful wines we have not yet had the privilege to enjoy and to dig a little deeper into some areas, grapes, vintages for example.

The list of tastings is not meant to cover every country, region, area, or every grape variety and certainly not every vintage, it is just for fun and experience. It may not include everyone’s favourite areas, although it is likely to include mine, but it will certainly be exciting and hopefully we will get to learn a few things about the world of wine and our enjoyment of it.

All of our tastings will be published here on the Red Bottle Blog page and emailed out to everyone on our subscribers list.

Whilst a few wines will possibly be stocked by Red Bottle or have come from my own cellar, many will have been sourced from pretty much everywhere and if anyone would like to try one (or some) after reading about it, I am sure we can help point you in the right direction or procure on your behalf.



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