May the Fourth be with you

May the fourth be with you….

Yes indeed this is a reference to the unofficial holiday celebrated by all Star Wars I am not a closet Storm Trooper or Trekkie... but I am partial to a good bit of Sci-Fi and was surprised at the supposed first use of the above phrase in print. 

Do you know? (and do you care?)…

Back in 1979, none other than the great Margaret Thatcher was supposedly welcomed into office by a congratulatory message saying…

“May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations."

The message was reportedly placed by the Conservative party in a London Newspaper…. now there are a few questions about which newspaper and which Conservative party…. But it’s a good story.

More recently the following day (today) has been taken by the dark side for their annual culling of the Jedi…that day of course is known as 'Revenge of the 5th'

All of this led me to where I am at the moment, sitting here once again tirelessly working on your behalf with two great wines to taste…

The first, is the first 'single estate' Rioja, from Contino. With an intense red fruit nose, hints of smoke and cloves, medium to full body on the palate, with a spiced finish. Well balanced, fine, very fresh, juicy, soft, supple and sexy….more Padme than Anakin..especially that scene where….well never mind…

For me Rioja has always been one of the best vinous bargains available, perfectly maturing in the cellars prior to release and possessing that soft mellow vanilla from its time in oak without the harsh tannins so often present in younger wines.

The second wine is far deeper and darker, a mighty Gigondas from Piaugier in Sablet in the southern Rhone. A deep ruby colour with expressive aromas of dried cherry, raspberry and liquorice heads this wine off to the dark side. On the mouth it is concentrated on entry, then continues to open in the mid-palate, with very pronounced black raspberry and floral pastille flavours. Finishes on a spicy note, with good clarity and slow-building tannins.

But even though its darker side calls to you this big and powerful wine has enough sweetness of fruit to carry the weight and cause that eternal struggle of dark and light within. Then a sense of spice tingles the senses as I head for another sith…I mean sip.

As our politicians tumble us toward the referendum it makes me sad to think that should the fearmongers, doubters and oldies prevail (unlikely) I will find myself just further away from both these beautiful wines. Yet another reason to vote to stay in Europe!

Vote for wine..every time!



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