An evening with Daenerys!

An evening with Daenerys!

This winter it has been ferociously wet and windy outside and I am cold!

A feeling that most of us have in the UK between 1850 and 2016….

Oh! well ok… maybe just October to March each year….

So what do you do?        

Better still, what do you drink?

This winter Harry finally decided to bow to popular opinion (he’d ignored mine) and catch up with Game of Thrones.

So we found ourselves more often than not getting in early from work, far too early for ‘She’ and therefore a fire was lit and we settled down with a full-bodied red to watch a gorgeous bodied Daenerys Targaryen…

Now let me tell you it is hard to concentrate on the wine when Daenerys is on screen, but being professional we did our best and below is the result of many hours of hard winter work…

So.. here are some wines to drink with little more than an olive in your hand and a feast on the big screen. The below all come from our winter ‘Rhone imports’ perfect for this and any time of year!

Domaine La Fourmone   Vacqueryas La Poete 2011

Red and black fruits aromas with soft subtle tannins, make this wine instantly drinkable and a greedy and persistent indulgence… smooth and sexy just like Daenerys

Chateau de La Gardine   Rasteau 2011

Prunes, Dates and Leather starting to appear on the nose, rustic flavour but big juicy and generous….Phwoooar….

Domaine Piaugier    Sablet Les Briguries 2012

Delicate and charming with richness and complexity. It has strong aromas of cherries and blackcurrants. Best opened an hour or so before drinking… alternatively just pour into a carafe or decanter (we sell those too!)

Château Saint-Roch    Lirac ‘Confidentialle’ 2013

Powerful big and tannic, rich in texture with hints of red fruits running through the wine. This is a serious brooder of a wine…not for the faint-hearted. Decant or Aerate…

All available on  on our Vinebox page!

A mixed 6 for £80 (2 of each of the first 2 wines and 1 each of the latter two)

A seasonal 12 for £160 (3 of each wine)   

David Vernau 

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